When substance use disorder strikes your family

We’re here to help

When substance use disorder strikes your family

We’re here to help

Our Mission

Kacie’s Cause is a group of volunteers dedicated to minimizing the effects of substance use disorder with love and compassion in a non-judgemental way through education, support, prevention, & advocacy.

If you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one, be sure to check out our Get Help section.

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Kacie Erin Rumford was the beloved daughter of Andrew & Donna Rumford and sister of Alex Rumford. She wanted to change the world, but her addiction took her too soon. Created by the Rumford family in March 2013 after Kacie’s fatal Heroin overdose, Kacie’s Cause was started as a way for the family to turn tragedy into a positive in Kacie’s memory. Story >>

Welcome to Our New Website

We are proud to launch this new website. Our mission at Kacie’s Cause is to provide critical information to Parents, Family, and Friends of those battling the disease of addiction, and we designed our site to do so in an easy-to-navigate and helpful manner. If you have comments or questions, please contact us. Thank you for your continued alliance in this vital work. Please see below a special welcome message from our Executive Director, Luis Tovar.


Kacie’s Cause provides information about substance use disorder (SUD) and treatment options at community events, online, and through social media. We also provide SUD related information and resources to school leaders, teachers, and students. Check out our Education & News section.


We offer support groups led by trained professionals and volunteers to family members battling substance use disorder with their loved ones. We also provide financial support in the form of recovery home scholarships to assist persons seeking a sober living environment after treatment.


Our organization works to prevent substance use disorder by providing educational materials and lifesaving overdose reversing medication Naloxone at community events free of charge. To learn more about Naloxone check out our Naloxone section.


We encourage our members and supporters to advocate for political action to address issues related to substance use in an informed way as each person sees fit. To view recent news stories about drug treatment and policies be sure to check out our Education & News section.


Our Chapters

Kacie’s Cause recognizes that each community is unique. We strive to utilize the talents of our wonderful volunteers as the work to address the problem of Substance Use Disorder at the grassroots level.

We currently have eight chapters, each of which is active in addressing the needs of their communities.

Feel free to reach out to your local chapter if you would like to help your community as a Kacie’s Cause Volunteer. Check the Facebook page for the chapter near you for updated information and chapter events.


“We found Kacie’s Cause in our darkest time. Our family was in turmoil dealing with an active addict in our home. The people in the Kacie’s Cause group were amazing. They had found strength to deal with everything that happens when your loved one is in active addiction and recovery.”  The Ts