In the battle against Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) it is imperative that we all educate ourselves so that we can develop informed beliefs and make educated decisions. In our attempts to educate our community about substance use disorder we focus on two main groups: schools and parents. To that end we provide specific information targeted toward those two main groups.


If you are a parent of a young person and would like to more about substance used disorder and the many resources that are available to parents check out our Parents section.


Kacie’s Cause recognizes the critical role schools play in combatting substance use disorder in our communities. We also recognize the unique needs of student leaders, teachers, and students as they approach the challenges presented by substance use. To address those needs we provide separate pages for each of these groups. Check out our Schools section.

Substance Use Disorder in the News

Information and research about substance use is constantly changing as is our government’s response to the growing opioid problem in our country. Check out the most recent version of our Kacie’s Cause newsletter and links to recent news articles in our SUD in the news section.