Naloxone is a life saving medication that if administered in a timely fashion can often reverse the effects of an opioid overdose and allow someone who has experienced an overdose to get the additional medical care they need to survive.

We hope the information below can help you to better understand how Naloxone works, how it can be administered, and how it can be obtained.

A personal note received from a friend and parent …

“Just wanted to let you guys know that the narcan you provided at the narcan training in Oxford several months ago saved someone’s life last night. I am beyond words grateful for all that you do, and for the day God pointed me in the direction of Kacie’s Cause when I was lost in despair & needed understanding & hope. Love & respect you all!! “

Naloxone is a medicine that in many cases can rapidly reverse an opioid overdose. Naloxone is not effective in reversing overdoses involving non-opioid drugs.

How is it administered?

Different forms of Naloxone are administered differently. The most commonly used form of the medication is administered with a nasal spray. Other forms of the medication can be administered by injection into a muscle or through intravenous injection.

How does Naloxone work?

Naloxone works by quickly blocking the effects of opioids including Fentanyl. It does this by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain, and can help restore breathing in a matter of minutes.

Is someone who is revived by Naloxone safe from the effects of the opioids they ingested?

No, opioids can remain in the body longer than the effects of Naloxone last. It is critical that the overdose victim get medical care as soon as possible.

How can I learn how to administer Naloxone?

You can talk with your physician or pharmacist about how to properly administer the form of Naloxone you obtain. You should also take part in one of the two virtual training programs in the State of Pennsylvania. They are and PA Virtual training Network (PAVTN)

How can I get Naloxone?

Kacie’s Cause distributes free single doses of Nalaxone at most of our events, however, we recommend that you obtain Narcan or other forms of Naloxone from your pharmacy.  The 4.0 m.g. dose of Narcan is now available over the counter at most pharmacies and some other stores in Pennsylvania without a prescription.  The cost of this product is approximately $45.00.

Can I get Naloxone confidentially for free?

Yes, Pennsylvania now offers a free, confidential program that will send you Naloxone in the mail. The medication will arrive in the mail in a plain bubble package. Before you can request the medication you will be asked to choose which form of Naloxone you would like to receive. You may request nasal spray or intramuscular injectable. You will then be asked to take part in a short video training session and answer several questions about what you have learned. To access the free mail-in program in the Philadelphia region visit this link.

Injectable Naloxone

Injectable Naloxone

To view information how to use the nasal spray form of Naloxone please check out this video.

Please note this video should not be considered a substitute for taking part in a Pennsylvania state-approved training program (see link above).