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Program Description

Kacie’s Cause supports two main types of scholarships in our community. They are recovery residence scholarships and a student scholarship. Check out descriptions of these two important ways that Kacie’s Cause supports members of our community.

Information about Recovery Residences

Recovery residences are group homes that provide drug and alcohol free living accommodations  for individuals in recovery. They operate like a co-op, where residents pay the costs of maintaining the home and contribute to the upkeep of the house through rent and chores.

There are different types of recovery residences.

Some are owned by businesses or religious groups, but many are run privately, by groups of sober people who form an informal agreement to have a sober living arrangement.

These privately run homes allow individuals to invest in their own recovery. Each recovery residence operates differently. Some have a resident manager that oversees and enforces the house rules, while other homes have a social model approach in which each resident has decision-making power. All residents have to follow house rules in order to stay in the home, regardless of management style.

How to find a recovery residence near me

Our friends at Compass Mark have provided this guide to recovery residences in our area.

Independently run Kacie’s House, Coatesville, PA

Recovery Residence Scholarships

Kacie’s Cause is committed to help individuals who choose to continue their recovery journeys in a recovery residence after in-patient treatment. Our recovery residence scholarships are designed to help those individuals obtain recovery living arrangements early in this vital phase of the sobriety process with the hope that they will soon secure employment and achieve financial independence. Kacie’s Cause does not endorse any particular recovery residence.

We believe that it is up to the individual and his or her treatment team to secure the placement that is best for them. Our hope is that a transitory stay in a recovery residence will help individuals to achieve greater independence and freedom from substance use. Funding for this scholarship program is dependent upon the financial health of our organization at the time of application.

You may download a fillable copy of the scholarship application form here.  Please complete and sign the application form. Be sure to include signatures from the applicant and the referring professional.  Scan the completed application and email it to Persons who are awarded scholarships that require additional funding can download a continued funding request application here.

We ask that any recovery residence that receives scholarship funds that go unused please notify us at

Student Scholarships

Scholarship recipientKacie’s Cause is pleased to offer student scholarships to students at participating high schools.

Currently, the Parkesburg chapter of Kacie’s Cause sponsors a student scholarship of $1,000 at Octorara Area High School.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship in the future, be sure to contact your School Counselor for application criteria and directions.