We at Kacie’s Cause believe strongly that our schools play an integral role in preventing and identifying substance use issues in our young people. Our goal is to provide schools resources that will assist them in their daily efforts combating substance use disorder.

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School Leaders

Kacie’s Cause recognizes the huge role that school administrators and other school leaders play in shaping your school’s response to substance use. We hope that you will find the resources found here will be helpful as you shape your approach to combatting this issue that affects all schools.


No one in our schools spends more face-to-face time with our children than their teachers. Teachers can recognize the effects of substance use and instruct our children in ways that will enable them to minimize the effects that substance use will have on our lives. We hope that you will find the resources available here will help you in your day to day interactions with our children.


Students of all ages are affected by substance use. Younger students may be affected by the use of family members or adults in their community. Older students may be battling substance use disorder themselves or be concerned about a friend and relative. Kacie’s Cause recognizes that students can be major contributors in the fight against substance use. We hope that you find the resources found here to be helpful.