Expressions of Gratitude from Kacie’s Cause Recovery Scholarship Recipients

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No money, no ID, no job, no hope

“When I came out of treatment and into (….), I had almost nothing to my name. Not even an ID. Everything had been lost to my addiction, including all sense of hope.

Coming into the house had begun to restore my hope, but I had a lot of anxiety about what I was going to do, especially coming into the house with no money, no ID, and no job.

“I was afraid I would end up losing my housing, that I would lose everything I worked hard to gain back in my recovery.

Thanks to Kacie’s Cause, I didn’t need to worry. With their help, I was able to have my rent paid with a scholarship and with Kacie’s House help they paid for me to get my ID that allowed me to get what I needed to have a solid foundation under my feet in my early sobriety.

Without Kacie’s Cause and (….), I would not be where I am today in my recovery.” ~ TN

“The scholarship I received saved my life.”

“I knew I wasn’t ready to go back to the streets. I had 29 years of trauma and over a decade of addiction to combat with. Rehab just wasn’t enough. Then came the money aspect. Between addiction and the abusive relationship, I had no money.

Thank you for not only helping me with funds, but saving my life. You saved me from my addiction and from certain death. That’s something you can’t put a price on. I will never be able to thank you enough. This impacted me and my life exactly when I needed it.” ~ LV

Grateful to Kacie’s Cause for a desperately needed second chance

“When I came to (….) I had nothing. I was fighting for my life. I was almost instantly awarded a scholarship from Kacie’s Cause, relieving my financial stress so that I could focus on my recovery.

“I am very grateful for Kacie’s Cause for helping me when I desperately needed a second chance.” ~ TN

A message from Supporter Taylor O’Brien

Taylor O'Brien with two of his supporters

Taylor O’Brien with two of his supporters

“Before my incarceration I struggled with drug addiction for years and watched loved ones I cared for also struggle. Unfortunately, some of those friends and family I held so close to my heart never escaped the grips of addiction, which leaves the family and friends still here with a scar on our hearts.

“As I was on my own journey while incarcerated watching from the inside how many of my friends I was losing and how many people from our community have already been lost I began to feel a sudden urge that I MUST do something to help open up people’s eyes and bring awareness to such a crippling disease that in my own personal opinion falls to the wayside at times until it’s too late.

“I also had a goal to show the community and world that people who have struggled with drug addiction or a criminal past can grow stronger than ever before and make a long-lasting positive impact onto the world. That’s when I decided on the day of my release August 4th 2021 that I would run 20 miles in honor of Kacie’s Cause and for all of those we have lost to the disease of addiction. “

Scott McFadden on “Addiction: A Story of Stigma, A Story of Hope”

From TED: “Scott McFadden is a Licensed Addictions Counselor, who also identifies as a person in long term recovery from heroin and other drugs. He shares a harrowing story of incarceration and a long journey to recovery while explaining the dynamics of addiction and the labels, shame, and stigma which have become the greatest obstacles to turning around the opioid epidemic. He shows us the need to talk to one another to overcome the secret places where shame resides. This is a story of vulnerability and hope!”

Chris Herren:
“The bad days are just part of the journey …”

From YouTube: “Hear former professional basketball player and motivational speaker Chris Herren speaking about his recovery from drug addiction. Since August of 2008, Herren has been drug-free and alcohol-free, and has refocused his life to put his sobriety and family above all other things.”

Shown: Chris Herren with Kacie’s Cause Founder Andy Rumford and President Luis Tovar

Chris Herrin, Andy Rumford, and Luis Tovar