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Kacie’s Cause Newsletter

The volunteers at Kacie’s Cause periodically publish a newsletter highlighting the actions of our members and reporting on new trends occurring in the battle against Substance Use Disorder. To view our most recent newsletter, click here.

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A Vaccine Against Deadly Fentanyl May Be Near
US News November 17, 2022

The shot would block the ability of fentanyl to enter the brain and cause the “high” that users crave. It could be used to prevent relapses in people trying to quit opioids, once it gets through clinical trials.

US overdose deaths may be peaking, but experts are wary
AP News November 16, 2022

The CDC estimated there were about 107,600 overdose deaths for the 12-month period between July 2021 and June 2022. That’s 40 fewer than in the 2021 calendar year. Some researchers are doubtful overdoses have peaked. Instead, they think a spike occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, when lockdowns and other restrictions isolated those with drug addictions and made treatment harder to get.

FDA warns of animal tranquilizer in illicit drug supply
NBC News November 9, 2022

Xylazine, a dangerous animal tranquilizer known on the street as “tranq” is showing up in other illicit drugs such as opioids and some stimulants.  This drug is especially dangerous because overdoses involving the drug are resistant to the reversal effects of Naloxone (Narcan).

Gov. Wolf signs bill to decriminalize fentanyl testing strips
ABC27  November 3, 2022

The bill amends the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act of 1972 to no longer define fentanyl test strips as drug paraphernalia in PA.

CDC release new guidelines for prescribing opioids to include people with short-term pain
ABC News November 3, 2022

It is hoped that by updating the recommendations, Americans who suffer from pain may have improved quality of life and, hopefully, misuse of prescription opioids will decline. These recommendations include explicitly advising against the abrupt discontinuation or reduction of opioid use.

CVS, Walgreens announce opioid settlements totaling $10B
Associated Press November 2, 2022

The two largest U.S. pharmacy chains, CVS Health and Walgreen Co., announced agreements in principle to pay about $5 billion each to settle lawsuits nationwide over the toll of opioids.